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Need a Florida weather update or current marine weather conditions or marine forecasts? Just click on the Southeast (Florida) link then point to the area of the map where you are going to cruise, left click your mouse and an up-to-date local marine forecast will be found. You can even access the offshore weather conditions by accessing the National Data Buoy Center link and finding the sea buoy closest to your destination or where you are cruising.


If you want to find the local weather forecast, you can type in your city or zip code on our Weather Channel link and obtain extensive Florida weather alerts, local weather forecasts, Maps and Doppler Radar. If you would like to see National Marine weather forecasts for any coastal waters in the U.S., just click on that link.


There are also several links to help you prepare for a Hurricane disaster providing you with valuable information for both you and your boat, also visit our EDUCATION page for boating hurricane tips . Florida weather can sometimes be unpredictable, especially in the summer months. Therefore, Florida Boaters Guide has provided you, the Florida mariner, with these marine weather links and other useful Florida weather information to make your boating experience more safe and pleasurable.

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