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Florida is the boating capital of the world and Florida Boaters can provide you with EXPOSURE to Florida Boaters. We provide inexpensive, simple and easy ways to advertise your marine related business.


  • BASIC listings are free, please submit details below

  • PREMIUM listings are $19.99 for two years in one simple payment, please submit details below

  • BANNER ADVERTISING rates depend on location on the website and are booked by contacting us

Our award winning site features:

  • Targeted to over 1,000,000 registered Florida boaters who can find your business with a map or database search

  • Over 6,000 listings of Florida marine services providers

  • Ranks in the top 10 with Google



Banners drive awareness and clicks to your business or brand. Our banners on each page get maximum boater exposure and clicks. Banner ads are available on a quarterly basis and can be targeted to all Florida boaters using our website. Rates will depend on banner size, position and page. Please email us at for rate card information.




What you get:

  • 3 Line Listing with Business Name, Phone# and Address

  • Database search results found by zip code, city, area code or name of business

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PREMIUM LISTING - $19.99/ 2 Yrs

Ad features​​

  • Website Link

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Listing Submission

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