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Learn your Knots!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Knowing marlinspike or knot tying can be very valuable if you are a boater. Making knots that hold are important to securing your vessel properly. It is also beneficial to use the right knots for the right applications. Tying the wrong knot can also make it difficult to untie.

We have a link below for animated knot tying demonstrations for a variety of nautical knots that make it easy for you to learn them. Alan Grogono, "Grog" as he likes to be called, who was an anesthesiologist by trade but had an interest in creating an easy way to learn knot tying by animating the process. He developed a website dedicated to this cause.

There are 16 knots that are animated and you can click on a slow or fast animation or even take one step at a time to watch exactly how the knot is tied.

If you have a few minutes and would like to learn or refresh your memory on how to tie some nautical knots, click on the link below which we believe you will enjoy. The link takes you to the bowline knot!

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