E-Z Snap Lubricant

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Metal fasteners that are used to snap and zip awnings, boat covers and the like into place can really suffer from exposure to water and sunlight. Snaps corrode; zippers jam.

However, there is a product from Iosso Products that can keep them in good working order:

E-Z Snap Lubricant

It's a clear coating that protects, will not rinse away, nor dissipate in the heat. Amazingly, it waterproofs and lubricates yet leaves no sticky build-up. Snaps keep strong and zippers move

freely. Hinges don't stick, and hardware doesn't corrode when boaters use E-Z Snap. This product can be used at the start of the boating season or at the end of it in preparation for winter storing.

Safe and non-hazardous, E-Z Snap has no solvents, silicone, or Teflon, so there is no need for special precautions when boaters apply it. It goes on easily too with just a simple squeeze of the tube to apply what is needed.

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