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E-Searider Marine BeanBag seat

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Decks of boats are uncomfortable to sit on and most boats do not have an abundance of seating areas. Bean bags however can be very comfortable and convenient to place anywhere there is an open space on the deck.

These bean bags from E-Searider are aimed at the fisherman and fishing boats but could be used on any boat. The cover material is made from marine grade vinyl and there are plenty of color options.

The nice thing about a bean bag is that it is portable but will stay in place. The decks non skid will provide friction for the bean bag to stay in place. A beanbag will stay in place even as the boat moves around.

On a sailboat a bean bag may not stay in place if heel is excessive but for most occasions it will be fine and especially at anchor.

The E-Searider Beanbag chair could end up being the most comfortable seat on your boat!

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