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Honda EU2200i Generator

The simplicity of a portable generator on a boat or dock is the ability to quickly and directly plug in an appliance from lights, power tools, computers to battery charging and Honda Generators have the best reputation. We have used these Honda generators and they are reliable and quiet. The EU2200i runs over 8 hours using less than a gallon of gas.

The little Honda generators are very quiet, self-adjusting to match the load, and easy to handle (The EU 2200i weighs 47 pounds and puts out 2200 watts).

If you were to keep this on the dock, you should run a 20amp or maybe larger cable with a power strip and built in circuit breaker on to the boat and use this to plug into. Do not get any water on any cables and do not use a household extension cord.

Safety is a big concern with a portable generator. You have to think about CO, hot exhaust, and Fuel spills. Fuel storage, and maintenance are some of the other issues. This generator has the CO-MINDER - Advanced Carbon Monoxide Detection System. CO-MINDER continuously monitors carbon monoxide (CO) levels. It automatically shuts down the generator before detected CO levels near the generator become dangerously high.

The EU2200i also has bluetooth control via your cellphone with remote stop and operation monitoring.

The Honda EU2200i has a 5 star rating on Amazon with excellent reviews and retails for $1099. There are cheaper options but buying Honda is an excellent choice.

Research more or buy the portable EU2200i on Amazon at:

Honda also makes the bigger 5000 and 6500 generators for higher output needs, the EM6500S can be seen here: which retails for $4,495.

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