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Florida Boaters Education Card

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Florida Boaters Guide.Com frequently receives many inquiries as to how one goes about getting a "boating license". While there is no "boating license" requirement in Florida, anyone under 21 years of age must have a "boating education card" to legally operate a boat with a motor of 10 HP or more.

If you were born on or after 1st January 1988 and operating a vessel of 10 HP or more you will need to pass a boater safety course and carry a boater education card by Florida Law.

You can obtain one of these boating education cards by taking a boat safety course online or through your local U.S. Power Squadron or Coast Guard Auxiliary or you can go to Florida's FWC website and take an online course. Each of these entities will administer a test once the course has been completed and if you have successfully passed, you can apply for the Boating Education Card from the State. You can also do an online course through and get certified in 3 steps.

  1. Study and pass the $34.95 online course. (unlimited exam attempts)

  2. Print your online course completion document.

  3. Get ready to go boating!

To find out more information on the Boat-Ed Florida course click on this link:

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