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What makes Maui Jim sunglasses different?

A number of manufacturers have good styling to help sell their products, and while the Maui

Jims are also nicely styled, this article isn't about personal taste. Furthermore, no sunglass is worth anything without eye protection and ability to see on the water, and that's what this article is about.

Glare, especially a day of it on the shimmering ocean is what causes eye strain, and the goal of most manufacturers is to reduce it to a comfortable level. Unfortunately, however, in the eyewear industry, the higher the reduction in glare, the more a sacrifice in optical clarity and good vision is experienced.

Maui Jim has been able to combine the best of both worlds by using a patented process called PolarizedPlus2. Their lenses eliminate glare, are waterproof and scratch resistant, and enhance color, clarity, and detail. They also block UV and reduce blue light. According to their promotional

literature, they take "two pieces of hand-ground 100% optically correct glass and sandwich a polarizing film between them. A bi-gradient silver dioxide coating is then thermally applied to the front, and an anti-reflectant coating is vaporized and vacuum processed to the back. The finishing touch is a thermally bonded waterproof coating on both sides." They go on to say the result is amazingly clear, sharp, glare-free vision,

The sunglasses come with four types of lenses: Neutral Grey, HCL bronze, Maui Rose and Maui HT.

  • Neutral Grey offers the highest glare protection and are reportedly best for bright, direct sunlight

  • HCL (high contrast lens) bronze version offers additional contrast and a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear

  • Maui Rose offers the highest contrast for action sports or fast action activities

  • Maui HT are great for low light conditions

There are a multitude of styles to choose from, in both men's and ladies' versions. If you want a quality pair of sunglasses, you need to try a pair of Maui Jim's, they're not inexpensive, but they are worth it. We like the Maui Island Time Matte Black rubber Neutral Grey pair for boating shown above which are available from the Maui Jim store on Amazon at for under $239.

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