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Five highly rated PFD/Life Jackets with great reviews!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

This shows various types and styles of highly rated. We have used 3 out of these 5 products and rate them highly. Find a PFD that suits your needs and remember high visibility is important when choosing your PFD. Stick to orange or red which are best or bright neon colors.

The Onyx M16. We have used (and still use) this lightweight inflatable PFD for kayaking and SUP paddling for many years. We rate it 5/5 stars for being compact! Buy on Amazon at



The Stearns heads up kids PFD has a great reviews on Amazon. We have not used this PFD but checkout the ratings and reviews on Amazon

We really like the Chinook high visibility fishing PFD from NRS. A great highly rated product from a great brand at great value. See more on Amazon at


We use these Stearns classic adult PFD's for our friends and family on our boating/ SUP/ kayaking adventures. They are good quality, inexpensive and secure. It comes in red or blue but we suggest RED for added visibility. A great budget friendly option on at this link


We LOVE the Astral V Eight PFD. This is a high quality PFD we have used for kayaking. We give it a 5/5 star rating. It has excellent flotation with inserts and comfortable breathable fit. It also has high ratings and great reviews on Amazon. Buy on at

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