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Boat Safety - Tips for Parasailing!

With visitors coming to Florida to enjoy our beautiful weather and beaches, one of the more popular beach activities is parasailing. This can be a safe sport if you know you have a good parasail operator. It can be dangerous if you don't! Below are some safety tip for those who are bold enough to try the sport:

Ask operators how long they have been in business and about their safety record.

Ask whether the boat operator is a Coast Guard-licensed captain.

The inexperienced should avoid parasailing in wind exceeding 18 knots. Such conditions can complicate emergencies.

Never go up in rain, fog or when a storm is approaching.

Parasailing isn't recommended for those under 15 or those who weigh more than 300 pounds. Tell the operator not to let you sail higher than 500 feet over open ocean or 300 feet over lakes, bays and sounds.

Familiarize yourself with parasail equipment.

Get adequate safety training prior to flight. This should include safety procedures, proper use of hand signals and evacuation procedures for a water landing, fire or capsizing.

Ask questions: How long is the flight? Is the weather OK?

Never fly close to objects such as buildings or other parasails!

Once you've made sure your operator is safe and you are comfortable with what to do....Enjoy the fun!

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