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Boating with your dog/s - 7 quick tips!

Consider these tips when having fun boating with your dog/s. They need to stay safe and protected and will make there and your boating experience a pleasure.

  1. Buy a quality dog life vest or life jacket that fits properly and is rated for the correct weight. Most of these life jackets have a grab handle on top for a quick and easy rescue if they go overboard.

  2. Provide easily accessible fresh water for your dog and try and make them drink. This will prevent them from dehydrating.

  3. Consider using a non-scented sunscreen for your dog. Use a light sunscreen to keep them safe from burning. (Ask your vet or the pet store to recommend a good brand)

  4. Bring some good toys for the ride. Your dog will quickly enjoy playing with their toys on the boat, on the beach or in the water.

  5. Take doggie bags for proper clean up of dog waste.

  6. Don't forget your dog's normal food. They will be hungry with all the excitement. Regular food will prevent an upset stomach from eating different food.

  7. Don't forget to have as much fun as your dog!

Check out our boat dogs page for more information and to submit your dog photo!

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