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Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - Regular Gas Formula 8 oz

Water can wind up in your gas or diesel fuel as a result of condensation in the tank. Because water is heavier than fuel, it sinks to the bottom of the tank and forms a distinct water layer. The fuel pick-up tube is located at the bottom of the tank so, once this happens, water is supplied to your fuel pump which can decrease performance because the engine can not burn water; soon it starts to sputter and eventually stops running.

Additionally, water is corrosive so it deteriorates tank walls and metals in the fuel delivery system. The enzymes in Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment prevent the water molecules that are in fuel from combining and forming a distinct water layer. Water is reduced to sub-micron size particles that cannot cause corrosion and are safely burned during normal combustion.

When used up quickly, ethanol-enhanced gas does not present difficulties for users. In boats

and RVs that tend to use up fuel less frequently however, ethanol gas does in fact create

problems. Ethanol has a great affinity for water and as a result, this new formulated fuel can cause a water layer to form and gelling to occur. Additionally, ethanol is an excellent solvent that can attack sludge buildup in fuel tanks and cause fuel filters to clog frequently. Star Tron can prevent these problems from occurring and can also reverse the problems if they already exist.

Treat your gas with Star Tron! Get yours on Amazon on this link:

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