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Onyx Automatic/Manual Inflatable PFD Life Jacket

Get your on Amazon:

What is an Automatic Life Vest? If you fall in the water the Life Vest will automatically inflate, or if you pull the red "D-Ring" it will inflate. It can also be manually inflated by blowing in the inflation tube.

There are many brands of automatic life vest and we like this high quality Onyx design which is U.S. Coast Guard Approved and has an open design for a less restrictive fit and is lighter weight to promote maximum movement-allowing you to comfortably wear it all day onboard. It also has great reviews on Amazon with 80% of people giving 5-Stars!

Minimum weight is 80 pounds and fits up to a 52" chest, if you need something bigger, check out the Onyx A-33 Tournament Deluxe which can fit up to a 65" Chest.

You can get the blue vest on Amazon by clicking here: It is also available in pink:

You can also purchase the optional recharge kit to "re-arm" the life vest by clicking here:

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